DEO Product range

All our DE products are food grade and when we say food grade diatomaceous earth it means our DE is fresh water-Amorphous Silica (different from crystalline silica that is harmful to humans). Rest assured that our DE is unadulterated and pure, dried by air or sunlight. Please refer to product specification for more information for specific particle size grade application and suitability.

Being food grade, Amorphous Silica is safe to use around humans and animals.  As mentioned all our DE are food grade however, we also size graded our DE for different application.

Size grade description                                                                 

Kitty Litter & Soil Enhancer          - Unrefined (2 - 8mm)

Poultry grit                                   - Unrefined (1 -  4mm)

Fine grit                                       - By product of Superfine (300um - 2mm)

Regular grit                                  - Unrefined  (up to 2mm)                               

Superfine                                     - Refined & sifted once (powder to 300um)

Microfine                                     - Refined & sifted twice (powder to 100um)

Our DE is certified animal food grade and it is also used for its insecticidal properties. It can be used as a deterrent to insects in stored grains and agricultural crops to control pests like beetles and weevils.  Food grade diatomaceous earth is also used as an anticaking agent, which means it helps prevent clumping and caking of powdered food products.

Overall, food grade diatomaceous earth is a versatile and safe additive used in the food industry for its functional properties and ability to meet strict safety standards.

NB: The DE may be stored indefinitely in an airtight container, or in a cool, dry place.  DE has no expiry date.