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Horticultural Ormus plant energiser

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Natural Plant Organic Fertiliser

Horticultural Ormus is an organic plant energiser produced from pure seawater it contains many sea minerals to enhance the growth of your plants, that is an economical organic solution to give your plants  the energy to resist insect and fungal attack and improves the growth potential.  (1 litre bottle makes between 100 to 200 litres of spray or drench).

It can be used alone or mixed with diatomaceous earth and other organic products when used as a soil drench. Note: it is not compatible with most foliar sprays except for seaweed based products.

Thoroughly mix the contents well in a gentle rhythmic fashion before adding to water. Stir the contents of the bottle until all the white creamy material is well mixed
with the clear liquid, if necessary decant into another clean container for mixing. The unused contents can then be returned to the bottle. If the bottle is left sitting for a
while this will have to be repeated. Do not add water to the bottle. Use with well cleaned or preferably new spray equipment mixing the water with at the required dilution rate.

Do not return Ormus that has been mixed with water to the original bottle.

SOIL DRENCH – Mix 5 to 10 ml into one litre of water and soak root zone. Apply at seeding or transplanting and when plants are challenged with pest and disease attack.

FOLIAR SPRAY– Mix 5 to 10ml into one litre of water. Apply to upper and lower leaf surface during first two application which ideally should be three days apart. Apply weekly as a lower volume spray to maintain plant life force.

If you are adding diatomaceous earth to the solution we recommend the use of Superfine or DE-Micro10 product at the maximum rate of 25% DE to a litre of mixed solution. Ensure the final mixture is stirred well prior to application to ensure the DE does not settle to the bottom of the container. The use of the DE-Micro10 powder will stay in suspension the longest.

Ormus Organic Liquid Fertiliser

Discover the Best of Diatomaceous Earth Online™, your destination for top-quality organic liquid fertilisers and Ormus products in Australia. We are dedicated to providing organic gardening enthusiasts with exceptional solutions that promote sustainable plant care. Our range of organic liquid fertilisers is carefully crafted using premium ingredients, ensuring optimum plant nutrient content without harmful chemicals or synthetic additives.

With our certified organic products, you can trust in their purity and adherence to strict organic standards. Whether you're tending to vegetables, flowers, or fruit trees, our extensive selection has the right liquid fertiliser for your specific needs. Additionally, explore the power of Ormus with our range of bio-available mineral products designed to enhance plant vitality and overall health.

Elevate your gardening experience with Ormus and witness the transformative results on your plants' growth and well-being. Choose sustainable, natural solutions for your organic gardening journey. Diatomaceous Earth Online™ is the only liquid Ormus retail online distributor in Australia.

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Organic Liquid Fertiliser Benefits

Uncover the power of Horticultural Ormus, an organic plant energiser derived from pure seawater, at Diatomaceous Earth Online™.

  • Packed with essential sea minerals, this organic liquid fertiliser enhances plant growth, giving plants the energy to resist insect and fungal attacks.
  • With its economic formulation, just one litre of Horticultural Ormus can take between 100 to 200 litres of spray or drench, ensuring long- lasting effectiveness.
  • It can be used alone or combined with diatomaceous earth and other organic products for soil drenching.
  • Please note that it is incompatible with most foliar sprays, except for seaweed-based products.

Elevate your plant care routine with Horticultural Ormus, the organic solution that improves growth potential and strengthens plant resilience.

Ormus Instructions for Use

To ensure optimal results when using Ormus, follow these instructions carefully:

  • Thorough Mixing: Before adding Ormus to water, thoroughly mix the contents in a gentle, rhythmic fashion. Stir until the creamy white material is well blended with the clear liquid. If needed, transfer the mixture to another clean container for further mixing. Any new contents can be returned to the bottle.
  • Avoid Adding water to the Bottle: Do not add water directly to the Ormus bottle. This prevents dilution and maintains the product's potency.
  • Spray Equipment: Use well-cleaned or preferably new spray equipment for application. Mix the required dilution rate of Ormus with water according to your needs.
  • Soil Drench: For soil application, mix 5 to 10 ml of Ormus into one litre of water and thoroughly soak the root zone. Apply during seeding, transplanting, or when plants face challenges from pests and diseases.
  • Foliar Spray: To use Ormus as a foliar spray, mix 5 to 10 ml into one litre of water. Apply the mixture to the lower and upper leaf surfaces during the first two applications, ideally spaced three days apart. Apply a softer volume spray weekly to support the plant's life force for ongoing maintenance.

By following these instructions, you can unlock the full potential of Ormus and harness its benefits for your plants.

Ormus Australia Applications

Ormus Australia, available at Diatomaceous Earth Online™, offers a range of organic liquid fertilisers with incredible applications for plant care. Here are the critical uses to explore:

  • Soil Enrichment: Enhance soil fertility and nutrient content by incorporating Ormus into your gardening routine. It promotes healthy root development and overall plant growth. 
  • Pest and Disease Resistance: Strengthen your plants' natural defence mechanisms with Ormus. It energises plants, enabling them to resist pest and disease attacks effectively.
  • Seeding and Transplanting Support: Give your newly seeded or transplanted plants a head start by applying Ormus. It aids in establishing robust root systems and minimising transplant shock.
  • Foliar Spray Boost: Apply Ormus as a foliar spray to nourish your plants through their leaves. It improves nutrient absorption and supports overall plant vitality.
  • Sustainable Organic Solution: Ormus is a natural, eco-friendly liquid fertiliser that provides a sustainable alternative to organic gardening practices.

Experience the remarkable benefits of Ormus Australia for your plant's health and growth.Explore the benefits of organic liquid fertilisers at Diatomaceous Earth Online™ and take your plant care to the next level. Elevate your gardening journey with Ormus and witness the transformative effects on your plants' vitality and productivity.


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8 August 2023
Fantastic product, supplies the soil with all 84 essential nutrients, applied this to my garden beds after planting seedlings and they are thriving.

Agricultural Ormus

1 November 2019
I have been trailing this product on our native food farm. The results have been very promising as far as new growth is concerned. I will continue to do trials for a couple of more months before making my final decision about the product, but first and second uses have been rewarding.

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