DE product application guide

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Recommended product

Application and Notes

Poultry or birds –  general health

DE poultry supplement

Mix 5% to 15% with food

Poultry or birds – mites, stick fleas, lice

DE Microfine or Superfine

Apply powder to skin and feathers all over bird –taking care to avoid eyes, wear a mask if you are susceptible to dust particles or if doing a lot of birds.

Removing smell and flies

DE Regular

Sprinkle on floors and surfaces to mop up wet substances

 Cattle Hoses and other livestock

DE Regular

Feed according to weight.(see dosage page)

Treating Bed Bugs

DE Microfine

Remove clothes etc. and wash in HOT water or place in dryer, Spray room  using aerosol powder or apply Microfine by hand or with puffer..

small insects in my garden

DE Regular or Superfine

sprinkle around the base of plants

Ants in my house

(see also below)

Superfine or DE SuperGrit

Create a barrier or liberally sprinkle areas where the ants walk

Ants in the Garden

DE Regular or

New DE Gritty Fine

Cover nest to about 300 to 600 mm wide with 1 to 3mm thick or create a 50-100mm band.To stop them crossing

Cover ants nest or trails with powder and persist until nest is killed. Can be mixed with water to make slurry to pour down holes.

Sprinkle along the side of walls etc. to discourage entry.

Plant eating insects on leaves and stems

DE Microfine

Mix 30% with water and spray or apply dry with dusting applicator or commercial blower – take care not to spray too closely to avoid damage to fruit and vegetables especially if spraying dry.

Scabies and similar mites

DE Microfine

Use like talcum powder on skin overnight – please note this is dehydrating so wash off each day DO NOT USE if you are susceptible to dry skin issues and cease use as soon as issue is resolved.

Head lice

DE Microfine

This has not been specifically tested however if you rub into hair and leave overnight with a shower cap on, this should remove both eggs and lice by the morning.

Garden soil improvement

DE Regular

Using the regular grade dug into the soil will improve the silica levels and general health of your plants over time. Stronger more healthy plants are less susceptible to insect attach

Personal use

DE General Wellbeing

A teaspoon once or twice day for general wellbeing

Bonsai Potting mix DE poultry supplement  as recomended by ABC Gardening Australia