Where are you located?

The office of Diatomaceous Earth Online™ is now located in Hervey Bay - the Faser Coast Area in Queensland.

Can I pick up the DE to save on delivery costs?

YES.  So once you shop online, you can select pick up if you live around the Hervey Bay area. Pick up is available every Monday, Wednesday and Friday between 9:30 am to 11:00 am, you have to ring 0432 917 142 to confirm and please quote your ORDER #.

What if I am not home when the DE arrives?

We use Australia Post for small quantities and couriers for larger amounts.Your order will be held at the Post Office for collection by you if it is not delivered to your address. Couriers will call or contact you to make delivery arrangements. Please leave a message on your order for any special instructions and we will pass this on to the carriers.

Is your DE safe for human consumption?

As we mention on the website there is no DE from Australia or overseas that is certified for human consumption, and so we cannot legally recommend it for human consumption.

Many of our customers do choose to eat it, by starting with a teaspoon or so and increasing to approximately a desert spoon/day.  There is a lot of information on the internet that is helpful to read and we can recommend reading our blog  and also this website as a good source of information and testimonials.

Every person’s circumstances are different and it is important for us to say that we are not medical practitioners or therapists and so again, cannot offer advice.

How much should I use?

Usage and application rates are not exact and will depend on the type of use. Suggested dosage or application rates are listed here. In all types of uses it is important to maintain a regular routine, applying DE for weeks or months, as required.

Can I use DE on my garden?

Being non-toxic and environmentally friendly, diatomaceous earth is an ideal growing medium for a wide range of plants, fruit, greenhouse vegetables, orchids and bonsais.  It is lightweight and able to absorb up to 150% of its own weight in water, releasing nutrients back into the planned as required. Coarse grade diatomaceous earth may be used as a hydroponic growing medium, or maybe mixed with other growing media such as cocoa fibre, clay pebbles or other loose media. The porous structure of the diatoms supports its ability to draw water and to move water and nutrients laterally through the growing medium. It can provide a natural alternative to ‘water crystals’ and does not dissolve in water.

Diatomaceous earth may be recycled, adding nutrients to the soil. The soluble silica which is essential for healthy and robust plants, will support a high level of resistance to disease.

Diatomaceous earth is compatible with other soil components and it may be blended with fertilisers, or used as an additive for potting mix.

It is inert and chemical free, making it a fantastic soil conditioner. Use it to break up a heavy, clay based soils, or to retain moisture in sandy or light soils, or as a top dressing. Use it when planting fruit trees and shrubs to give your new plants a nutritious and healthy head start.

Are there any safety concerns?

Natural (amorphous) freshwater silica is non-toxic, chemical free and environmentally safe to use for animals and for agricultural and horticultural use. Diatomaceous Earth is not approved for human consumption in Australia. Diatomaceous Earth Online does not sell or endorse its product for ingestion by humans, and does not promote or have specific knowledge of the benefits claimed for human use on other websites.

Is your diatomaceous earth registered with APVMA?

Diatomaceous earth is not required to be registered by the APVMA unless certain claims are made about the benefits of using DE on plants and animals.

Is your Diatomaceous Earth "food grade"?

Our high-grade freshwater diatomaceous earth (natural amorphous silica) has been tested by the Russian Academy of Science and has been assessed as among the best quality in the world.  It is ‘animal food-grade’ and is safe for use as a food supplement for pets and other animals (in recommended quantities).  It has also been tested by Queensland Workplace Health and Safety and has been certified as having no detectable crystalline silica  (ie less than 0.1%).  See our typical analysis.

In Australia there is no process for the certification of natural diatomaceous earth for human consumption, so we cannot claim that it is safe to be eaten.

Many claims are made on international websites regarding the benefits of DE and you may wish to refer to these for general information.

We are interested in becoming a distributor of DE. Do you sell at wholesale prices?

Yes, we sell bulk quantities to ABN holders at wholesale prices. Please contact us with your details for further information.

Where do you buy diatomaceous earth in Australia?

You can purchase directly from our online shop .