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Food grade powder - microfine diatomaceous earth

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DE Microfine™ is Australia’s premium food grade Diatomaceous Earth (natural amorphous silica). 20 times finer than our superfine product it is light enough to be suspended in water it can be used in hundreds of applications – for families, insects, internal parasites, bed bugs, food and grain storage, all horticultural uses including foliar sprays, and for horses, chickens and all livestock. Containing a high level of soluble silica, DE Microfine™ is a completely natural, organic product.

Our Diatomaceous Earth is tested for Crystalline Silica content, which is less than 0.1%, and analysed against the FCC (food chemicals codex ) standard.

With a particle size averaging 25um this powder is 10 times finer than Superfine  with a talc like texture, making very effective for many uses either applied dry or wet.

The powder stays suspended in liquid for a long period so is able to be transported and used in a wide variety of applications particularly in Agriculture and Horticulture where it can be added to liquid spraying systems to ensure good coverage and least wastage.

The small particle size ensures that the availability of soluble silica is maximised.




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No problems with drinking this

7 September 2017
No taste, no residue, no problems drinking this. I mainly got this for my health, as per another review this site. I feel that it is a good diuretic as well as maybe strengthening my nails, time will tell.

Life saving!

24 May 2017
I had a heavy infestation of thrips on my plants and nothing was working. Diatomaceous Earth got rid of the bulk of my infestation within 24 hours and completely gone with continued use. 10/10 would recommend to anyone in a similar situation


25 March 2017
This product is simply huge. I've been using the Superfine product for over 6 years now until I recently received the Microfine. It's simply brilliant, not only is it much easier to swallow, there is almost no residue left in the glass, I will certainly be using the Microfine going forward from here. I've been using D/E powder for over 6 years due to an acute case of Psoriatic Arthritis consequently Dr's put me on a weekly injection of "ENBREL" costing $500.00 a week for pain control. Since taking the D/E powder, I no longer use this injection. For anyone suffering with health issues I would suggest you try using this D/E powder. It also has many other benefits for many other than just health concerns.

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