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Food safe DE recommended for Pet and Garden use

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Diatomaceous Earth Plant Fertiliser

Diatomaceous Earth isn't just a powerful solution for pest control—it also offers remarkable benefits as a plant fertiliser. At Diatomaceous Earth Online, we provide high-quality Diatomaceous Earth products specifically designed to enhance plant care.

One of the key advantages is its natural mineral composition. Packed with essential minerals like silica, calcium, and magnesium, Diatomaceous Earth provides a nutrient-rich boost that promotes healthy plant growth. Additionally, it improves soil structure by increasing porosity, enhancing water retention, and making essential nutrients more accessible to plant roots.

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Furthermore, Diatomaceous Earth aids in the absorption of nutrients, ensuring that your plants receive the vital elements necessary for optimal growth. It is a natural pest deterrent, repelling crawling insects and safeguarding your plants from damage.

Experience the transformative power of Diatomaceous Earth as a plant fertiliser. Explore our range of superior Diatomaceous Earth products at Diatomaceous Earth Online and witness its remarkable impact on your plant’s health, growth, and natural pest control.

Diatomaceous Earth Applications for Pest Control and Other Uses

Diatomaceous Earth is a powerhouse for pest control and offers many applications. At Diatomaceous Earth Online, we provide premium-grade Diatomaceous Earth products suitable for various uses. Here are some critical applications to consider:

  •  Horse & Cattle Care: Use Diatomaceous Earth for deworming and general health. Mix it dry with feed or combine it with molasses for the best results.
  •  Beehive Protection: Control hive beetles by adding Diatomaceous Earth to the bottom trays of beehives.
  •  Household Pest Control: Use Diatomaceous Earth around the house to control ants, snails, slugs, and other unwanted pests. It's also effective indoors for  controlling ants and dust mites.
  •   Gnat and Ant Deterrent: Diatomaceous Earth, especially the Fine Grit variety, can deter gnats and ants.
  •   Animal and Pet Care: Rub Diatomaceous Earth into the fur of animals and pets to deter ticks and lice.
  •  Odour Control: Diatomaceous Earth helps control odours, making it ideal for use in compost bins and areas with unpleasant smells.
  •  Livestock and Pet Care: Ensure the well-being of your livestock and pets by using Diatomaceous Earth for various care needs.
  •  Flea Control: Combat fleas on pets using Diatomaceous Earth as a natural and non-toxic solution. 
  •  Poultry and Livestock Housing: Employ Diatomaceous Earth for effective pest control in poultry and livestock housing areas.
  •  Garden and Greenhouse Protection: Sprinkle Diatomaceous Earth by hand to deter slugs, bugs, beetles, and other leaf-eating insects.
  •  Hog & Pig feed: Control intestinal parasites, controls odour & moisture, improve digestion, can be used as a dust bath, and most importantly, non-toxic.

Diatomaceous Earth Fertiliser Uses

Diatomaceous Earth is a powerful pest control solution and a versatile fertilizer with numerous uses. At Diatomaceous Earth Online™, we offer high-quality products suitable for various applications. Here are some essential uses to explore:

  • Chicken Dust Bath: Provide chickens with a natural and effective dust bath using Diatomaceous Earth for their overall health and pest control.
  •  Organic Oil Spill Remedy: Absorb oil spills organically using Diatomaceous Earth, making it an eco-friendly solution for remediation.
  •  Oil Spill and Industrial Clean-up: Diatomaceous Earth's absorbent properties effectively clean up oil spills and industrial messes.
  •  Automotive Oil and Fluid Absorption: Using Diatomaceous Earth to absorb automotive oil and fluid spills promotes cleanliness and safety.
  •  Soil Conditioner for Organic Farming and Gardening: Enhance soil quality and fertility by incorporating Diatomaceous Earth as a soil conditioner in organic farming and gardening practices.
  •  Livestock Feed Supplement: Improve the overall health and deworming of pigs, lambs, camels, horses, and other livestock by adding Diatomaceous Earth to their regular feeds or mixing it with molasses.
  •  Apiary Fly Deterrent: Keep flies at bay in your apiary by using Diatomaceous Earth, ensuring a healthier and more hygienic environment for bees.

Diatomaceous Earth for Plants

Regarding plant care, Diatomaceous Earth is a versatile and effective solution. At Diatomaceous Earth Online™, we provide premium-grade Diatomaceous Earth products specifically designed to support plant health. Here are some critical applications to consider:

  • Manual Application to Garden Plant Leaves: Ensure the well-being of your garden plants by manually applying Diatomaceous Earth to their leaves. This additive helps control pests and promotes overall plant health.
  •  Potting Mix Addition: Boost the nutrient content of your potting mix by incorporating Diatomaceous Earth. It enriches the soil, promotes better drainage, and provides essential minerals for healthy plant growth.
  •  Beehive Protection: Protect your beehives from hive beetles by adding Diatomaceous Earth to the bottom trays. It acts as a natural deterrent and helps maintain a healthier hive environment. 

Experience the remarkable benefits of Diatomaceous Earth for plant care. Explore our range of superior Diatomaceous Earth products at Diatomaceous Earth Online™ and witness the transformative impact on your plants' health, growth, and pest control. With its versatile applications and natural properties, Diatomaceous Earth is an invaluable addition to your plant care arsenal.

Regular grit is ideal to use in your garden (mixed in with garden soil), with fruit trees, with pets and livestock. It is milled to a maximum particle size of approximately 2.00 mm and so is a mixture of powder and larger ‘crunchy’ particles. It is not recommend for human consumption however it is food safe.

It is an excellent general purpose DE and has numerous uses, as well as animal feed supplement it can be used for drying our chicken cage mess, providing a dust bath for the hens, use in the garage for mopping up oil spills as well as many other uses.

Use with insects, such as ants and cockroaches around the outside of the house and also in the garden as a soil supplement.

NOTE: Not suitable to use with the Duster

SUITABILITY in general

  1. Chicken dust bath
  2. Oil spills –Absurd oil spills organically
  3. Absorbent for oil spills and industrial clean-up
  4. Automotive oil and fluid absorption
  5. Soil conditioner for organic farming & gardening
  6. Feed for pigs, lamb, camel, horses and livestock to deworm and general health- mixed with their normal feeds or molasses.
  7. Deter flies in Apiary
  8. Deter gnats and ants (DE Fine Grit is also suitable)
  9. Deter ticks &  lice when rubbed into animal/pet furs
  10. Odour control – especially in the Compost
  11. Livestock and pet care
  12. Flea control for pets
  13. Pest control for poultry and livestock housing
  14. Insect control in gardens and greenhouses -  Deter slugs, bugs beetles and other leaves eating insects – (sprinkle by hand)

DE Regular Grit is Food Grade, however it is not suitable for human ingestion.
NB: The DE may be stored indefinitely in an airtight container, or in a cool, dry place.  DE has no expiry date.



Regular Grade DE can be use for the following:

  1. HORSE & CATTLE - deworming & general health - best to feed them is mix dry to feed or with molasses
  2. Manual dusting for pets to get rid of mites & ticks and add to the chicken dusting bath
  3. Manual application to garden plants leaves
  4. Can be added in potting mix
  5. Can be added in the bottom trays of beehives to control hive beetles
  6. Around the house to control ants, snails, slugs etc
  7. Inside the house to control ants, dustmites etc

This food grade DE is not suitable for humans

Not suitable to use with our Dusting applicator

Beige/off-white in colour


Brand DEO

Excellent product and advice

4 April 2024
So good to get excellent product together with old fashioned service. I had a very informative and friendly conversation about the many ways I could use DE with my chickens, garden etc. I learnt a lot; thank you. My order arrived very promptly and I found, for me at least, it works out much cheaper to buy larger bag and have it couriered rather than smaller bags more often with Australia Post.

Diatomaceous Earth Online Response
Thank you so much for doing this review for us Daphne. Cheers DEO

Diatomaceous Earth

19 January 2024
This company's very professional and pleasant personal style of communication made is worthwhile to keep buying this product. The delivery and payment was easy and very trusting. As a customer I felt comfortable in dealing with the sale and payment because of the high quality service and product. I enjoyed the pleasant and friendly communication and professional advice given with the person speaking to me on the phone. I learned so much in such a short time and used this product with confidence and feeling secure that my chooks are safe and cared for. My hens have healthy chickens and I highly recommend this company and their products. Thank you so much and I will be purchasing more products soon. Have a great new year and future. MJonk from Victoria Australia

Diatomaceous Earth Online Response
Hi Marie, your review is very much appreciated, thanks a lot. Clem DE Online

Perfect product for termites & dog flee removal

28 October 2023
I had a problem with dog flees & termites recently & wanted a natural way of removing them. Whilst I still had to treat my dogs with another product, I treated the ground with diatomaceous earth…..JOB DONE!! My order arrived well packaged & earlier than I expected. I’m very happy with the service & will use them again.

Great quality and value for money

26 June 2023
Very happy with this product. Ready on the day I purchased for pick up. Works as described and used on the garden with great results.

Foodgrade DE

5 February 2022
I purchased DE for treating my cats' flea problem without using drugs. Only started to apply the DE around a week ago so have not seen the full extent of its effect but I am willing to wait. Good and efficient service. My order arrived in no time.

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