Regular Grade Diatomaceous Earth [weight 950gms]

Food safe DE recommended for Pet and Garden use

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1kg Parcel Post Satchel - Standar - $12.00

Regular grade is ideal to use in your garden (mixed in with garden soil), with fruit trees, with pets and livestock. It is milled to a maximum particle size of approximately 2.00 mm and so is a mixture of powder and larger ‘crunchy’ particles. It is not recommend for human consumption however it is food safe.

It is an excellent general purpose DE and has numerous uses, as well as animal feed supplement it can be used for drying our chicken cage mess, providing a dust bath for the hens, use in the garage for mopping up oil spills as well as many other uses.

Use with insects, such as ants and cockroaches around the outside of the house and also in the garden as a soil supplement.

Regular Food Grade may be stored indefinitely in a cool, dry place.

Now available in a handy airtight 20litre container

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Brand DEO

Diatomaceous earth

28 January 2019
Using product on my dogs for fleas and ticks protection, so far I haven't had any issues.

Regular Grade DE

8 November 2018
We have been using this product for some years for our dogs, sheep and horses. We have always found Tony to be helpful, obliging and prompt with orders. We have looked at alternative suppliers of DE and even allowing for the freight cost no other supplier can compete on the basis of price or reliability. We recommend all our puppy buyers use DE.

Diatomaceous Earth

24 October 2018
Finally solved my fungus gnat problem by sprinkling this on my indoor plants, cannot recommend this enough

good product and service

15 May 2018
Thanks for the powder that I got a few weeks ago. I purchased the DE after getting chickens. Previously have heard about it’s properties as a safe insect control so I’ll be using it as a regular preventative treatment for nasties both dusted on the chickens and also a bit in their food every month or so. Once again thanks for the purchase as it’s just what I wanted and service was quick as well.

Good Quality Diatomaceous Earth

20 March 2018
I have purchased Diatomaceous Earth from Tony the last few years and found his product to be great quality. Also he is very knowledgable about his product and explains to you what type to use and when to use it. I would highly recommend him to anyone , the reason being is I was running low and so I went to our local farm supply shop and got some Diatomaceous Earth from them. I could tell immediately the quality wasn't there. So from now on I wont buy from anywhere else. I will always buy from Tony. FROM GIULIANA - TALKING HENS

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