Superfine Food Grade DE - 950gm pack

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Food Grade Superfine has many applications, and will appeal to users who are seeking a fine powder with no grit or larger particles. We take the raw, coarse material to DEO's own processing plant and put it through a number of additional processes to produce a powder that is easy and pleasant to use.

Diatomaceous earth reviews for Food Grade Superfine:

Our products are sourced from natural freshwater and enriched with minerals and naturally occurring silica. The effectiveness of our range is evident from the positive diatomaceous earth reviews that we receive.

This Superfine Food Grade DE has been extra-milled and sorted to an average particle size of less than 300 microns (or 0.3 mm). It has been analysed  with the particle analysis showing 90% containing less than 200 microns. It is a creamy/whitish colour that feels similar to milk powder, easily mixed with food or liquid (although no DE is water soluble).

Like all grades of DE,  Superfine is mined directly from the ground and so is not produced in sterile conditions. While no DE produced in Australia has been certified for human consumption, many consumers do choose to eat it, seeking to obtain the many reported health benefits. If you choose to consume DE, spread it in a baking tray and heat in a moderately slow oven of 180 to 250 degrees  for 30 minutes to ensure it is sterilised.

Aside from family use,  Superfine has many uses iand may assist with fleas and garden pests, insects, spraying on vegetables and fruit trees, and for use with horses and livestock.

 Superfine is more voluminous than Regular Food Grade, and may be stored indefinitely in an airtight container, in a cool, dry place.


Brand DEO

Dogs and Horses

6 July 2020
I feed this to my breeding dogs daily, especially my brood bitches and pups, have been using for 2 years and have not had a flea nor have I used a commercial flea repellant, it’s also wonderful on ants, love it

Amazing Superfine Food Grade DE

5 May 2020
Hi I have been using your product for several years on my 9 Cats with great success. I live in a high Tick area in QLD and each year none of my Cats get any Fleas or Ticks on them. I also put it in their food for internal parasites. I love the simplicity of your products ( and the low cost in comparison to the chemicals/poisons that is on the market for our Pets) of using DE on my Cats. I would usually take a hand full and stroke the body from the back to the neck while parting the hair and dropping the powder around their upper and lower Bodies. I always cover the head last and would do this once or twice only per season. None of them scratch themselves season after season. It is important to cover their beds and surrounding area as well. I just love it and enjoy the peace of Mind. Thank you so much for this great product. Abundant Blessings to you! Margot


22 October 2019
Great service, great product, simple website & safe payment, definitely will purchase again.

Diatomaceous Earth

3 July 2019
Very good product. Simple to use and effective.

Amazing Product with so may Health Benefits!

23 June 2019
I have just ordered my second 2.5kg bag of Superfine Food Grade DE. I take a heaped tablespoon daily in my smoothy. It can be taken in Juice or water as it disolves easily. Not only has it cleared up intestinal parasites, it helps with staying regular, gives me extra energy, my skin feels silky smooth and my nails are so much stronger. I also use it for keeping ants and cockroches at bay. My Mother has been using it for 15 years for organic parasite control in her Sheep, Goats and Horses. It is an amazing product and so economical. Karen, Sunshine Coast, Qld

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