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Food Grade Superfine has many applications, and will appeal to users who are seeking a fine powder with no grit or larger particles. We take the raw, coarse material to DEO's own processing plant and put it through a number of additional processes to produce a powder that is easy and pleasant to use.

Diatomaceous earth reviews for Food Grade Superfine:

Our products are sourced from natural freshwater and enriched with minerals and naturally occurring silica. The effectiveness of our range is evident from the positive diatomaceous earth reviews that we receive.

This Superfine Food Grade DE has been extra-milled and sorted to an average particle size of less than 300 microns (or 0.3 mm). It has been analysed  with the particle analysis showing 90% containing less than 200 microns. It is a creamy/whitish colour that feels similar to milk powder, easily mixed with food or liquid (although no DE is water soluble).

Like all grades of DE,  Superfine is mined directly from the ground and so is not produced in sterile conditions. While no DE produced in Australia has been certified for human consumption, many consumers do choose to eat it, seeking to obtain the many reported health benefits. If you choose to consume DE, spread it in a baking tray and heat in a moderately slow oven of 180 to 250 degrees  for 30 minutes to ensure it is sterilised.

Aside from family use,  Superfine has many uses iand may assist with fleas and garden pests, insects, spraying on vegetables and fruit trees, and for use with horses and livestock.

 Superfine is more voluminous than Regular Food Grade, and may be stored indefinitely in an airtight container, in a cool, dry place.


Brand DEO
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Great product

17 October 2018
Its a pity I couldnt buy it locally as shipping cost makes it too expensive

Awesome high quality product

8 October 2018
Amazing product, we use for my two dogs. This makes a huge difference to their health and also helped recover our adopted dog from severe digestion issues. You can tell when we run out because they aren't as settled.

Great product

8 October 2018
Super fine, quick delivery, good packaging

Diatomaceous Earth

5 October 2018
Excellent Product very smooth, high quality. Great service, reliable and fast delivery. Very happy with this purchase


25 September 2018
My two little black cats had an ongoing worm problem that was getting worse and worse each week, I purchased this diatomaceous earth in the hopes that it would help kill their infestations. Two weeks later and (in combination with a herbal wormwood parasite cleansing capsule) my cats are free of worms in their droppings , much much happier and no more bloating. As we are coming into the hotter months I’ve noticed these past few weeks that my cats are shedding their hair and this is creating some dandruff - I’ve used the diatomaceous earth to help soften their skin and help with any possible irritation and I’m finding their coats shiny, soft and much more hair-free. Thank you for a great product at a great price - would highly recommend to all my friends and my girlfriend works at petStock and she now recommends your product to customers there. Thank you

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