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Food Grade Superfine has many applications, and will appeal to users who are seeking a fine powder with no grit or larger particles. We take the raw, coarse material to DEO's own processing plant and put it through a number of additional processes to produce a powder that is easy and pleasant to use.

Diatomaceous earth reviews for Food Grade Superfine:

Our products are sourced from natural freshwater and enriched with minerals and naturally occurring silica. The effectiveness of our range is evident from the positive diatomaceous earth reviews that we receive.

This Superfine Food Grade DE has been extra-milled and sorted to an average particle size of less than 300 microns (or 0.3 mm). It has been analysed  with the particle analysis showing 90% containing less than 200 microns. It is a creamy/whitish colour that feels similar to milk powder, easily mixed with food or liquid (although no DE is water soluble).

Like all grades of DE,  Superfine is mined directly from the ground and so is not produced in sterile conditions. While no DE produced in Australia has been certified for human consumption, many consumers do choose to eat it, seeking to obtain the many reported health benefits. If you choose to consume DE, spread it in a baking tray and heat in a moderately slow oven of 140-160 degrees (not hotter) for 30 minutes to ensure it is sterilised.

Aside from family use,  Superfine has many uses including in pet and animal fur, with insects, spraying on vegetables and fruit trees, and for use with horses and livestock.

 Superfine is more voluminous than Regular Food Grade, and may be stored indefinitely in an airtight container, in a cool, dry place.


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good for everything.

25 June 2018
I love this product as it is so versatile. I use it for my dogs worming every three months and fleas whenever they appear. I also use on my vegetables and fruit trees to stave off the nasty bugs. Love the fact that it is not a nasty chemical. Would recommend to anyone as a natural alternative.

Removing black slugs on fruit trees and encouragin

5 January 2018
Mixed with water and sprayed fruit trees with great results. Stopped bugs munching on leaves and decimating trees. Moderate results with leaf curl planning a follow up spray there. I have a competition horse that grew up on bore water as a youngster. She will drink tank water at home but when at competitions refuses to drink. Have tried taking water from home, using electrolytes, KER drink up (moderate success), mixing dirt with water. I am now trialling using Diatomaceous earth in her water when we go out. She licks the ground near her water trough until she gets to the clay. A friend also has a horse with similar issues raised on bore water. He has put Diatomaceous earth in one water trough and not the other to see which his horse drink from the most. He will then use it when competing if successful. She will eat it in her feed which is interesting, normally if I add anything different eg salt, at the wrong time of the year, she will refuse to eat her feed. Just an interesting side line for you Thanks Lorraine

Flea treatment

11 December 2017
I was recommended this product as a natural flea product for my cats and dog.Followed the directions from web and within a week fleas completely gone from animals and no trace in the home.Fast delivery and i will be a regular customer

great product

30 September 2017
I've purchased this product several times now.The quality is always outstanding and delivery is always very prompt.

So far so good

31 July 2017
It would be great if the superfine food grade DE could be baked and sterilized prior to purchase. I would be happy to pay a few dollars extra to save the hassle of dealing with my unreliable oven.

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