Poultry and Bird Feed Supplement Diatomaceous Earth [weight 4.5kg]

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Diatomaceous Earth for Chickens

Welcome to Diatomaceous Earth Online™. – your trusted source for Diatomaceous earth products in Australia! At Diatomaceous Earth Online, we specialise in providing top-quality Diatomaceous Earth products to meet the unique needs of our customers. Whether you are a poultry enthusiast or a chicken/egg farmer, our range of Diatomaceous Earth poultry products is here to support you.

Diatomaceous Earth for chickens offers a multitude of benefits. It is a natural supplement promoting healthy digestion and preventing parasites like mites and lice. Our carefully selected Diatomaceous Earth products are food-grade and safe for poultry use, ensuring your feathered friends' well-being. For organic poultry farming this is a hit.

With Diatomaceous Earth Online™, you can trust that you're getting premium-grade products meticulously processed to deliver maximum effectiveness. Our Diatomaceous Earth for chickens is easy to use, making it a convenient addition to your poultry care routine. Experience the remarkable benefits of Diatomaceous Earth for poultry. Shop at Diatomaceous Earth Online today and give your chickens the care they deserve

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Diatomaceous Earth for Poultry Purposes

Diatomaceous Earth for poultry is a game-changer, and at Diatomaceous Earth Online, we offer premium-grade products to cater to your specific needs. Here's how it can revolutionize your poultry care routine:

  •   Feed Supplement: Incorporating Diatomaceous Earth into the feed helps promote optimal digestion and the overall well-being of your chickens.
  •   Combat Internal Parasites: Diatomaceous Earth tackles internal parasites naturally, ensuring healthier chickens and reduced risk of infestation.
  •   Odour Control and Fewer Flies: By reducing smells and fly populations, Diatomaceous Earth creates a more pleasant environment for your poultry.
  •   Enhanced Health and Egg Quality: Your chickens will experience improved health, resulting in higher-quality eggs packed with essential nutrients.
  •  Increased Egg Production: Diatomaceous Earth stimulates higher egg production, producing more eggs.
  •   Cost Savings: Diatomaceous Earth helps lower production costs in the long run by boosting overall poultry health and productivity.

Diatomaceous Earth Benefits

At Diatomaceous Earth Online, we provide high-quality products designed specifically for chickens. Here are the remarkable advantages it brings:

  •   Natural and Safe: Diatomaceous Earth is a natural and non-toxic solution for poultry care.
  •  Organic Farming Compatible: It is suitable for organic farming practices, aligning with sustainable and chemical-free approaches.
  •   Easy Application: Applying Diatomaceous Earth to your poultry is simple and hassle-free.
  •  Effective Dust Bath: It enhances the effectiveness of dust baths, promoting healthy feathers and deterring pests.
  •  Respiratory Health: Diatomaceous Earth helps maintain respiratory health by reducing dust and airborne pathogens.

Diatomaceous Earth – Points to Remember

When using Diatomaceous Earth for your chickens, remember some essential points. We want you to have the best experience at Diatomaceous Earth Online. Here are key pointers to remember:

  •   Proper Storage: Store Diatomaceous Earth in an airtight container in a cool, dry place for indefinite shelf life.
  •  Practical Application: Farmers can apply chunky Diatomaceous Earth directly to infested areas, around plants or create barriers to prevent pests from entering specific areas.
  •  Not for Human Consumption: Diatomaceous Earth-(Poultry grade) is unsuitable for human ingestion and should only be used for poultry care.
  • Unsuitable for Dusting Applicator: Our Diatomaceous Earth is not recommended for dusting applicators.

Remember these points to ensure the optimal use of Diatomaceous Earth for poultry care. Explore our range of superior Diatomaceous Earth products at Diatomaceous Earth Online™ and give your chickens the respect they deserve. Experience the remarkable benefits while keeping these guidelines in mind.

Poultry / Bird Feed DE May be of benefit for improving or promoting [organ/system] health or production or performance.

The DE is milled to a particle size of between approximately 0.5 mm to 4.00 mm,.  It is a perfect additive for mixing with regular chook pellets or laying mash, or bird food, as the finer powder has been removed.  Superfine DE powder may be purchased separately for external use. in nesting boxes or to rub into feathers.

Of all farm animals, chickens and ducks respond the fastest to natural silica supplementation. Scientific trials show that when assessed against a control group, chickens fed DE were noticeably larger, with more meat, stronger bones healthier and free of parasites.

  •   Feed supplement
  •   For use with internal parasites
  •   Reduces smells, fewer flies
  •   Improves the health of the chickens
  •   Improves the quality of the eggs
  •   Increases the quantity of eggs produced
  •   Save with lower production costs

Research has found that this ratio of DE to feed (15:85) will control any worms that are present in the stomach of the birds and will reduce the smell emitted by droppings.*  The absence of any internal parasites as well as the improved overall health and well-being of the birds, can lead to measurable weight increases.

*Endicott-Davies (2010)

The DE may be stored indefinitely in an airtight container, in a cool, dry place.

Gardening/Farming DE

In farming, chunky diatomaceous earth is primarily used as an insecticide and a soil amendment. Common applications of chunky diatomaceous earth  - it is an effective insecticide for controlling various pests, including crawling insects like ants, cockroaches, and bed bugs. The sharp edges of the diatom particles scratch the exoskeletons of insects, leading to dehydration and death. Farmers can apply the chunky DE directly to infested areas, around plants, or create a barrier to prevent pests from entering specific areas.

DE Poultry grit is Food Grade, however it is not suitable for human ingestion.

NOTE: Not Suitable to use with the DUSTER.


Particle size       -     .5mm to 4 mm

Colour                 -  Beige/Off-white

Food grade

Not suitable for human ingestion

Not suitable to use with our Dusting applicator

Brand DEO


19 February 2024
Outstanding service and love the DE range of products! Thankyou!!

Diatomaceous Earth Online Response
Thanks for taking the time for a good review, very much appreciated!

Keeps my chickens healthy

26 June 2023
Mix this in with food which keeps my chickens healthy and guinea pigs parasite free. Natural remedy for worming. Plus sprinkle in coops and nesting spots and where they dust bath. Have used on the garden also around the base of plants and trees. Great value buying in bulk. Keeps pests away from food containers too. Can't be without this product.

Diatomaceous Earth 4.5kg

10 February 2023
Great service, product was delivered on day forecasted. Delivered in a strong, resealable bag. Researched around Australia and found this company to have best value for money, will definitely continue to deal with in the future.

Diatomaceous Earth Online Response
Thank you Rod, for the positive review, we do the best we can for customer service. Its good to see people researching a product that is new to them and being open to trying something different, good luck.

Great for chickens

12 August 2020
I bought this product for my chickens as they seemed a bit poorly loosing feathers and egg production became sporadic and they haven't looked back. The feathers are back as is the egg production and the eggs even seem to be bigger. Delivery was also very prompt.

Excellent All Around

21 October 2019
Reasonably priced and very quick delivery. Will use again.

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