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Powder up to 300um

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Why not take advantage of our products in a food grade, air-tight bucket? It's just perfect for keeping vermin and bugs out of your feed it comes filled with premium quality DE.

Re-usable, easy to clean and environmentally friendly, your DE can be stored indefinitely in this container (provided it is kept dry).  It can also be used as a container for mixing laying mash or other feed with DE.

Avaiailble with   Superfine DE powder Regular Grit DE , Poultry and bird feed supplement , Fine Grit and Microfine

Of all farm animals, chickens and ducks respond the fastest to natural silica supplementation. Scientific trials show that when assessed against a control group, chickens fed DE were noticeably larger, with more meat, stronger bones healthier and free of parasites.

  •   Feed supplement
  •   For use with internal parasites
  •   Reduces smells, fewer flies
  •   Improves the health of the chickens
  •   Improves the quality of the eggs
  •   Increases the quantity of eggs produced
  •   Save with lower production costs

We recommend that Diatomaceous Earth replaces 10 - 15% of the feed given to poultry to enable the DE to work efficiently. When used in this quantity, the DE will reduce the amount of commercial feed required, improving production and saving on feed costs at the same time. Research has found that this ratio of DE to feed (15:85) will control any worms that are present in the stomach of the birds and will reduce the smell emitted by droppings.*  The absence of any internal parasites as well as the improved overall health and well-being of the birds, can lead to measurable weight increases.

*Endicott-Davies (2010)

NOTE: These products are ANIMAL FOOD GRADE and not suitable for humans consumption.


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Diatomaceous Earth a wonder food

1 February 2020
I have been using Diatomaceous Earth [DE] for years to worm cattle and horse. A wonderful and natural supplement with many benefits. A year ago I broke my foot and needed to keep working. I still take 1 teaspoon of DE daily in pure water with a dash of juice for health benefits. I highly recommend Diatomaceous Earth Online, as I found them to be very professional and price competitive with quality food grade DE. The 20 litre bucket is fabulous.

Great product for Poultry

25 September 2017
I am very happy with the diatomaceous earth I purchased and it seems to be helping control the mites on my chickens. The product was delivered promptly and left where I had indicated. My only complaint is that the earth wasn’t delivered in a bucket as ordered but loose in a sack. The company appeared to compensate for this by giving me an extra kilo or two. To conclude,I would definitely deal with this company again.

Diatomaceous Earth CHB

10 August 2017
Thank you so much for getting my order out to me in such good time, I had just run out by the time it arrived. I use Diatomaceous Earth under all my new planting and am more than happy with it. I also use it for around all my Fruit Trees and over Roses when I prune. I would recommend the Products and Service to anyone wanting to buy from a good old fashioned honest company.

Repeat Customer

27 April 2017
I use the DE grade superfine as a way of managing ticks on my 1/2 acre property. The first year I moved here, they were terrible, my toddler and I were covered in dozens of bites from seed ticks. I got very sick as a result. I have been using this for the last two years, combined with running a flock of guinea fowl. This has been working well, and we've been able to avoid using harsh chemicals. I distribute the dust with a small leaf blower. Delivery is always prompt despite being semi rural, and customer service has been great.

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