Ormus is an ancient mineral complex used to increase ethereal life force and rare earth mineral content of plants.

Through recent trials with Ormus on a range of crops and plants, anecdotal evidence from growers in northern NSW on berry plants and in Queensland banana crops is showing that the product  has a beneficial impact on the health of the crops and their improved ability to resist attack by fungal diseases and insects. Continuing trails are showing much healthier and lush banana crops and greatly improved vitality.


Available in 1 litre, 4.5 litre and 20 litre containers from the shop

Ormus works well on its own however this can also be improved by the addition of 25% Diatomaceous Earth to the mix.

It is important to Mix the Ormus well prior to mixing with water and if using DE and Ormus together they need to be gently agitated during application.

 What is Ormus?

Ormus or Ormes as it is also known stands for Organically Rearranged Monatomic ElementS.

Regular use on crops and plants results in improved resistance to pests and diseases, particularly where this are difficult to control by other means.

Improved plant rare earth mineral contents results in increased food value and healing power of plants.

Increased life force (prana ki, chi) of plant foods improves human resistance to acute and chronic disease.


Where does it come from

A careful and well timed extraction method separates the unique mineral combination from sea water. This was first done by the ancient Egyptians.

How does it work

Plants only become food for insects and pathogens when their energy level is low. So boosting the energy level and general well being helps the plant to resist attack.

How is it used

For best results use a sprayer that is new and is only used for the Ormus. Dilute the product at the rate recommended on the label.

When dilute rates are used regularly as a foliage spray the ethereal life force of the plant is maintained at a level above where the plant pests and diseases can utilise it as a food source. To achieve this apply 2 to 3 sprays at short intervals for 2 days. The plant energy level will then gradually fall back to the base line energy of the soil and growing environment over about 2 weeks. To avoid this do not exceed one week between sprays. Best results are achieved from late afternoon sprays due to the positive interaction with dew. Alternatively spray early morning while the foliage is still wet with dew.

High volume complete upper and lower leaf coverage is only necessary when plants are entering their reproductive growth or plant disease, such as powdery mildew are present.

The focus of the operator has an effect through a process known as quantum entanglement, in short the operator is in the loop and effects the outcome so focus is all important. A caring nurturing, emotional state combined with the mind focused on a positive outcome will achieve the best results when spraying.


Here are some of the reported benefits when using Horticultural Ormus.

    • Cellular respiration is increased
    • Phototropism is increased
    • Increased photosynthesis
    • Improved carbohydrate content of sap
    • Better soil micro flora
    • Plants are more resistant to insects and disease
    • Increases in nitrogen fixing bacteria in soil
    • Increases phosphorous leaching fungi
    • Improves soil tilth and aeration
    • Less need for pesticides
    • More drought tolerance
    • Improved transplant tolerant
    • Fruit is larger and better tasting
    • Better produce shelf life
    • Mineral and vitamin content increased
    • Plants produce sooner
    • Crop yields are increased

Ormes is Organic and entirely non toxic, it is easy and simple to apply by spraying or soil drenching.

Further information and reading is available at crucible.org