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Food Grade Products

Microfine - our finest powder ave 15um in size Superfine - fine powder up to 300um in size

Regular - powder with up to 1mm particles

Fine Grit - 100um up to 1mm

Poultry supplement - 1mm to 4mm particles

Diatomaceous Earth Online is proud to offer a natural product of the highest quality. Our amorphous (freshwater) silica is chemical and additive-free, and contains no toxic levels of any element. It has a high level of immediately soluble silica, and is completely safe for use in accordance with the dosage rates suggested on this website.

As DE is a natural product, mined directly from the ancient deposits within dried lake beds, the exact scientific analysis will vary slightly from batch to batch. Because it is a natural product, no DE will be “100% pure” but will contain varying levels of silica and other minerals.