Diatomaceous earth is enriched with minerals and naturally occurring silica and provides a range of incredible benefits. At Diatomaceous Earth Online, we offer food, animal and pest grade DE of high quality. If you are looking for diatomaceous earth dosage, the following guide can help you get an idea about the recommended quantities.


 Around the home

Outside areas – approx 250g – 500g per 100 square metres (dry powder)

As a liquid spray – approx 250g per 4 litres water

Lightly sprinkle in carpets


Diatomaceous earth dosage forLivestock and Pets

Feed rates for livestock and domestic pets vary due to the differences in farm practices and animal size. Suggested feed rates are as follows:

Animal                                                    Initial rate                                                                     Ongoing

Dairy and Beef Cattle                             5% of dry feed per day (approx 300g) for 90 days        2% of dry feed per day (approx 130g)

Goats, sheep, pigs                                 10% of dry feed per day for 90 days                              5% of dry feed or grain per day

Horses, donkeys                                     ½ to 1 cup in feed per day                                            2% per day

Chickens, ducks                                     15% of dry feed per day                                                5-15% per day

Large dogs over 50Kgs                          1-2 heaped tablespoons per day

Large dogs over 35kgs                          1 tablespoons per day

Medium dogs 15-35kgs                          ½ - 1 tablespoon per day

Small dogs under 15kgs                        1 teaspoon per day

Puppies                                                  ½ to 1 teaspoon per day

Cats                                                        1 teaspoon per day

Kittens                                                     ½ teaspoon per day



Sprinkle liberally on the ground around trees or mix 500g to 8 litres water to spray

Before planting – use 2-5 kgs per 15 metre row

Mixing with soil – 250g to a hole 300mm wide by 300mm deep

500g to 8 litres water to spray top and underside of leaves

Approximate coverage for gardens:

250g will treat 25 square metres

500g will treat 50 square metres


As anti-caking agent in grain – 2% per volume

Agricultural farming – approximately 1000kgs per hectare per year*

* High quality silica has a residual effect when used in soil and depending on the soil conditions prior to first application its subsequent application rate will most likely be reduced and may even be unnecessary for a period of 1 to 3 years.