Ormus - a natural organic liquid fertiliser

Author: DEO   Date Posted:25 July 2017 

Ormus, also known as ORMES, stands for Orbitally Rearranged Monatomic Elements.

Extracted from sea water through a precise, well-timed method first developed by the Ancient Egyptians, Ormus is an ancient mineral complex used to increase ethereal life force and to promote the rare earth mineral content of plants. Improving a plant’s rare earth mineral content improves a plants’ food value and healing power while strengthening a plant’s ethereal life force (prana ki, chi) improves human resistance to acute and chronic disease. Regular use on crops and plants results in improved resistance to pests and diseases, particularly where these are difficult to control by other means. Ormus is organic and entirely non-toxic. It is easy to apply by simple spraying or soil drenching.

Benefits of Horticultural Ormus

Recent studies with growers from northern New South Wales on a range of crops and plants demonstrates the beneficial impact on crop health, insect resistance, and fungal disease resistance Horticultural Ormus has had.

Other reported benefits from Horticultural Ormus include:

Increased crop yields, Earlier plants production, Improved cellular respiration, Improved phototropism, Improved photosynthesis, Increased carbohydrate content of sap, Better soil micro flora, Stronger plant resistance to insects and disease, More nitrogen fixing bacteria in soil, Increased phosphorous-leaching fungi, Improved soil tilth and aeration, Decreased need for pesticides, Improved drought tolerance, Improved transplant tolerance, Larger and better tasting fruit, Longer produce shelf life, Increased mineral and vitamin content.

Using Horticultural Ormus

Apply Horticultural Ormus to crops with a sprayer. For best results, use a new sprayer and only use that sprayer for Ormus application. Dilute the product at the rate recommended on the label. Apply 2 to 3 sprays at short intervals for 2 days. Using Ormus as a foliage spray at high enough concentrates like this helps the plant maintain an ethereal life force strong enough to prevent pests and diseases from preying on the plant as a food source.

Do not exceed one week between sprays because the plant’s ethereal life force will fall back to the base line energy in its soil and growing environment within two weeks. Late afternoon sprays work best because the Ormus interacts positively with dew. Alternatively, spray in the darling morning while the foliage is still wet with dew. Complete, high volume upper and lower leaf coverage is only necessary when plants are entering their reproductive growth or when plant disease - such as powdery mildew - is present.

The sprayer’s focus and emotional state affect the performance of Ormus through a process known as quantum entanglement. In short, the sprayer is an agent acting within the loop producing plant life. Just as the sprayer’s physical actions affect the plant, her emotions and intent affect the plant, too. A caring, nurturing emotional state combined with a positive outcome will achieve the best results.

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