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Diatomaceous Earth in an aerosol spray can

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Food grade Diatomaceous Earth powder in a handy aerosol can. Coverage approx. 200 sqm FAST AND 100% Natural

It is recognised world wide th

Application – Simple and fast to apply.

The Aerosol Diatomaceous Earth powder is very easy to apply to cracks and crevices as well as carpets, mattresses, and storage cupboards as a general coating. Holding the can about 2 metres away from the surface spray in a slow moving arc stopping at the end. Spot spraying in cracks and crevices for a short 1 second burst will deposit a small amount in the area required. Applied correctly Ithere should be virtually no marks or visible residue. it can be used on soft furnishings, leaves no mess and is safe for animals and humans as it is food grade standard having less than 0.1% crystalline content. Coverage - approx 200sqm per can depending on application rate. One can is generally enough for a flat or small house. Sometimes 2 or 3 applications will be required as it is a mechanical/dehydrating action rather than a chemical one. Cautions Food grade DE is safe for humans and animals however it is preferable to avoid inhaling dust so the use of a face mask and safety goggles is recommended while spraying in enclosed spaces.  

Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth is a product which is GRAS (generally accepted as safe) listed.

If you would like to know more about our diatomaceous earth for bed bugs and fleas please contact us here or by phone by calling Clem on 0407 648.916


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at DE (diatomaceous earth ) is one of the only effective natural deterrents for bed bugs, and it also works well with fleas and other small insects. Our diatomaceous earth for fleas offers a natural flea remedy and also helps prevent future infestations. When small crawling insects come into contact with the DE it causes their waxy coatings to dehydrate and they subsequently leave or die. Our Australian MicroFine powder has been milled to less than 10um making it really suitable for an aerosol spray. A  regular  application of DE will greatly reduce the potential infestation of bugs in beds carpets and crevices.

Natural Ingredients

DE Aerosol has been specially formulated to only use natural ingredients to minimise harmful effects to our environment.



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Solved my problem

9 April 2019
This product solved the issue of bed bugs that we were experiencing in 2 rooms. After having an expensive chemical treatment twice we were still experiencing a couple of bites 1/2 weeks later. I treated our whole apartment with DE, paying particular attention to the 2 rooms where the bites occurred. especially around the bed frames. A couple of bites in the following days and 1 bug found near dead and we have not had any further evidence of continued infestation. It has now been a little over a month so am pleased to say the issue is resolved.


24 February 2018
D.E in a spraycan is so easy to use. I purchased the 3 can pack as I wanted to treat the whole house and the pet area outside. After a long hot summer here in Brisbane and having pets in the household I found fleas and mites, even though my pets are protected the area wasn't. I have pet's and human's that are very sensitive to pesticides so I wanted a safe approach. Upon research I discovered D.E as the safe way to be rid of these nasties and so I spayed everything (loved how I could even give a lite spray into my wardrobes and linen cupboard. I only used 2 cans for the whole house & outside. It has worked a treat. No more pests in my home. I love this safe easy to use product. Thankyou D.E Regards. RIM. Brisbane.

Loved it!

2 February 2018
I loved this stuff. It was so easy to use and went so far. I felt safe and happy using because I knew it was harmless to my family and pets.i would definitely recommend this to anyone struggling to rid your house and pets of fleas, which is why I got it. I used the spray for the house in combination with oral treatment for my pets, and we are now flea free!

Absolutely the best!!!

19 August 2017
Easy to use, non-toxic, no smell. Tiny fraction of cost of other methods. Amazing customer service. Thank-you Tony for saving me from throwing out everything I own and losing my mind! Ben

Dont waste your time and money

7 March 2017
This product, which is advertised as doing 200m2 did one rug.. so was useless, unless you want to buy 10 cans.

Diatomaceous Earth Online Response
DEO response - Either the can was faulty - in which case we would replace or alternatively this was using far too much product on the rug. spraying for 5 to 10 seconds should more than adequately cover a rug. Please contact us if this issue occurs to you.

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