Bed Bugs - A world wide problem

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The Bed Bug dilemma and how to rid yourself of these critters

There has been a global infestation of bed bugs and it caught most people by surprise. The truth of the matter is the most everyone thought this was a cute myth and something parents told their children. Most everyone has heard the line, “Good night, seep tight, and don’t let the bed bugs bite.” Bed bugs are actually a very real nightmare. Those who have slept in an infested bed are well aware that there is no humor in this serious situation.

These wily insects feast on the blood of sleeping humans. They can actually hibernate for a few months without starving to death and they do not hide only in mattresses, but will hide most anywhere including baseboards, wooden shelving, and carpeting. Bed bugs are one of the most resilient insects on the planet and one of the most difficult to exterminate. Diatomaceous Earth is an effective, yet natural method to rid households of this horrible infestation.

One reason that these pests have spread so quickly is because they frequently become hitchhikers. Bed bugs have been found in elite hotels as well as in new furniture. These insects look for dark cozy places to hide. Individuals on vacation or business trips carry them to hotel rooms where they find new residence. While other travelers are resting in their temporary beds these little blood sucking creatures hide in luggage waiting to be taken to the travelers’ homes.
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Diatomaceous Earth consists of natural amorphous silica. It contains 2%, or less, crystalline silica in its food grade form.  The element that makes it deadly for bed bugs is its shape. Each tiny grain is a fossilized fresh water creature made of dry silica which absorbs the moisture in their bodies effectively killing them. All insects become resistant to traditional insecticides which leaves consumers searching for a better method. Due to the nature of how Diatomaceous Earth works bed bugs cannot build an immunity to it.

Sleep Tight - don't let the bed bugs bite!

Diatomaceous Earth continues to work against bed bugs active as a type of barrier that they will avoid to prevent injury. Those insects that choose to crawl through the powder are ultimately destroyed. The best part of all is that DE does not contain harsh toxic chemicals, although some precautions should be taken such as wearing a mask while dusting the area to avoid inhalation.
Diatomaceous Earth Online offers a product that is specifically designed to treat insect infestations. Food grade D is packaged in a convenient aerosol. The particles have been milled to a size smaller than 10µm. DE is a quick and simple method of exterminating bed bugs without toxicity.

If you prefer tyo apply it by hand you can use the DE Microfine Powder and one of our puffers.

The DE should be applied to materesses, carpets and anywhere that the Bed Bugs can hide, they will ly dormant until a host appears so unfortunately it is necessary to be in the room to make them move about and come in contact with the DE.  It can take a couple of weeks and a couple of applications to eradicate them.


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