Nature’s Answer to Eliminate Scabies

Scabies, which is a skin infection caused by exposure to the itch mite, can be passed from one infected person to another through social contact or through contact of the infected person’s belongings. The mites burrow into the skin causing an irritating rash. It is very important to begin treatment immediately, if anyone in the family or household believes they have been exposed to the Scabies mite. This stops the cycle before it can spiral out of control. Individuals should understand that a Scabies outbreak can occur at any location, regardless of social status or ethnicity and the best method of reducing its prevalence is to seek treatment as soon as possible.

Scabies present a problem in many homes all over the world. Though it is more common in lower socio-economic regions, it is in no way limited in those areas. For example, within some areas of Australia the prevalence in adults is 25% and in children it is 50%,  some indigenous areas see a prevalence as great as 70%. It is very important to begin treatment immediately, if anyone in the family or household has been diagnosed as having Scabies.

Resulting Rash from Sarcoptes Scabiei

While they are extremely annoying in the first stages, scabies can cause more serious health complications. An infestation can quickly get out of hand, if no action is taken. Hyper-infestations of the itch mite, as it is often called, causes a more severe infection to develop which is referred to as Crusted Scabies. This may also lead to secondary infections such as lymphangitis, cellulitis, and/or boils.

Microscopic Sarcoptes Scabiei

Scabies are actually an irritating epidermal infection caused by a species of mite known as Sarcoptes scabiei. These pests burrow under the subcutaneous layer of the skin and the skin reacts by erupting with a rash of itchy red bumps and/or blisters. Approximately one hour after fertilization, the female itch mites tunnel into the skin to lay their eggs in the subcutaneous layers.
Once the female evacuates the tunnel she lays approximately 2 to 3 eggs per day in this incubation environment. The actual incubation process requires around 48 hours to complete. The most ideal region for the young seems to be within hair follicles as they can feed on the oils secreted there until they mature and continue the cycle. Scabies are much like the mites which cause mange presented by domestic pets and wild animals.

Transmission and Symptoms
Sarcoptes Scabiei can live 24 to 36 hours without a human host, which is not as long as other pests, but long enough to allow them to spread rapidly. An example is the bed bug which can live without a human host for anywhere from 20 to 400 days. The itch mite does not have the ability to fly or jump; however, are transmittable through contact with infected individuals or clothing. Animals do not contract and, therefore, do not transmit scabies.
Sarcoptes scabiei can also be transmitted by contact with infested towels, clothes, bed sheets, or any other type of item made from cloth. To be absolutely sure do not touch items, if the contaminated person has been in contact with them for 5 days or less. Those who have had Scabies previously will generally present with symptoms within 1 to 4 days; however, the first time patients may not present with symptoms for as many as 6 weeks.

Decontamination and Treatment
Place all contaminated items in a tightly sealed plastic bag for at least one week, send them to the dry cleaners, or put them through the hottest wash cycle and highest dry cycle for no less than 30 minutes to eradicate mites, larvae, nymphs, and eggs. Any and all carpets should be thoroughly sprinkled with Diatomaceous Earth and allowed to remain for at least 3 or 4 days. Carefully vacuum the entire area and repeat until the symptoms and itch mites disappear. All of the procedures must be completed in conjunction with personal treatment in order to effectively eradicate the infestation.

Although no specific rate has been scientifically tested here are some guidelines as to the rates of application

  • To effectively combat the beginning stages of contamination sprinkle about 1 kg per  80 m2  or about 12 grams per square meter.
  • If the infestation is extreme use up to 24 gms per square meter.
  • Remember to treat furniture as well as the inside of vehicles.
  • Wash and dry or seal all throw rugs, blankets, and plush toys in an air tight bag.
  • Do not neglect treating all foot wear and handbags.
  • Treat mattresses by sprinkling with DE.

Most of the suggested and effective personal treatments must be trough a prescription from a licensed physician and chemist. It is extremely important to consult professional assistance to be sure of the diagnosis and prescribed treatment in the case of infants. While there are prescribed chemical treatments, there is a natural and safe method which is effective. Diatomaceous Earth is not only used successfully as an environmental treatment, but many individuals say that is effective as a personal treatment as well.

Many individuals say that they have had great success with using DE to treat Scabies by implementing it into their diet or applying it to the skin.

Application to the skin is easy as using normal talcum powder. It is recommended that this is applied in the evening before bed and left overnight, the next morning shower or wash as normal.  DE will have a slightly dehydrating effect on the skin, however it has been found to be helpful in dealing with the scabies bug. Customers have reported a significant reduction in the itching associated with scabies. A number of applications are most likely required until the scabies has cleared up.

If you choose to consume the DE as well the most common recommendation is to begin with 5 mL diluted into 250 mL of water. Continue to increase this dose until 15 to 30 mL is being consumed each day or Scabies symptoms have cleared.
It is believe that consuming a regimen of Diatomaceous Earth assists the body in detoxification and the elimination of unwanted internal parasites which gives the immune system a boost. Many experts insist that a compromised immune system, especially from a poor diet can make people more vulnerable to Scabies. It is essential to understand that all of these individuals stress the importance of only using food grade Diatomaceous Earth for this type of regimen.

Diatomaceous Earth is a white powder made of ancient water fossils and is used by a very large portion of the entire world for a number of purposes. Our DE, which is safe, non-toxic, and natural is never treated with harsh chemicals. One of our excellent products is called DE-Micro 10 and is Diatomaceous Earth that has been milled to the consistency of 10 microns making it perfect for treating a Scabies outbreak. It may be used with confidence dry or wet.

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