Home Food Storage with Diatomaceous Earth

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One of the worst pests in the home are weevils. These annoying critters love to live in rice and wheat, and flour as well as legumes and pastas. Consumers may purchase these products and carry weevils home with them. Weevils will then infest the pantry, mating, multiplying, and contaminating pantry foods. Two of the most common pests are known as granary weevils and rice weevils. Once weevils are in the kitchen and/or pantry all is not lost. There are several immediate and aggressive steps to take to eliminate the infestation.

Rice grain Weevil damage








One way to eliminate weevils from the home pantry is mix Diatomaceous Earth with the grains being stored. If weevils are present in the pantry, the first step is to carefully inspect pantry foods, especially grains, pastas, and legumes. Female weevils lay their eggs inside grain kernels and can lay up to 254 eggs. It is best to dispose of infested foods and use precautionary measures to prevent future infestations.

Some individuals freeze their grains for about 1 week to destroy weevil eggs, but it is impossible to sift the dead eggs out of the grain. Others simply store their grain in the freezer on a permanent basis.

Pantry shelves should be thoroughly vacuumed and then wiped clean with white vinegar. Most insects dislike white vinegar in general and it also disinfects naturally.

Mixing about 30 milliliters of DE with every 2.8 kg of grain, legumes, and pasta will effectively destroy weevils without harming the food which will remain safe to consume, if the correct grade of Diatomaceous Earth. The large scale grain storage ratio is about 1 cup of DE per 22 kg.

We only offer food grade Diatomaceous Earth which is food grade and is a completely natural product. This means it contains less than 0.1% crystalline silica. We do not include additives or chemicals to our Diatomaceous Earth. We only mill our DE to reduce the particle size and we never subject it to artificial heat treatment. This ensures that it is 100% safe to use in home food storage.

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