Dominate Household Pests with Diatomaceous Earth

Author: DEO  

Diatomaceous Earth is a non-toxic alternative which has a wide variety of domestic and business uses. This natural substance is derived from milling the fossilized remains of microscopic plankton or algae. One of its many uses is to combat domestic pests in the home. It is nearly impossible to live absolutely pest free anywhere in the world. These milled particles have sharp edges which are not harmful to humans or animals, but destroy insects that plaque homes. The piercing edges puncture the exoskeleton. The result is insect dehydration and death to all pests which make contact with the dust. Peta suggests using Diatomaceous Earth to battle fleas as a cruelty free method.

DE may be sprinkled on infested furniture and carpets. The dust should remain as long as possible; however, the area should not be vacuumed for at least 60 minutes. In the event that it cannot remain for several days, the process should be repeated several times. It may also be dusted into crevices and holes where bugs hide during the day.

the-cockroaches-834021_1280Household pests are a fact of life no matter how clean the home is. Insects may find transport to the home through deliveries and/or groceries, especially produce, as well as through the tiniest holes in the screen. Action should be taken immediately upon the first sighting of critters lest the issue spirals out of control. Where one is spotted many more are seeking refuge in dark spaces. A few of the other culprits which Diatomaceous Earth is effective against include ants, cockroaches, flies, spiders, and termites.




Consumers may find several products to use in the battle against household pests at Diatomaceous Earth Online. DE is available in an easy to distribute aerosol can called Rapelle Bugs.

The product is also offered in several milled sizes including No Grit Superfine and our latest DE-Micro10 Australias' finest DE.  Visitors who purchase these may find the the coupon code to get a substantial discount from the price of the handy Diatomaceous Earth Applicator also available through the DE Online website. All of our natural products are 100% safe and effective.

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