Diatomaceous Earth for a Green Garden

Author: DEO  

Diatomaceous Earth naturally does double time in the garden. It can destroy and deter insects which prey upon healthy gardens. DE may also be used in combination with potting soil or worked into garden plots. It does not harm earthworms when minor measures are taken and some individuals use it in their worm bins because it can actually be beneficial to them. DE assist in their digestive system which produces the castings that make the vermicompost nutritious. It should be sprinkled atop the surface, especially in worm bins. Diatomaceous Earth is a known drying agent so it is a good idea to keep a spray bottle of plain water handy to add moisture to the vermicompost. One of the key elements to creating healthy and natural compost it to maintain an appropriate moisture balance. Another important element is to ensure only food grade Diatomaceous Earth is used which is the only type of DE product that we offer. To be kind to wasps in the garden apply DE in the evening or late afternoon hours.

Diatomaceous Earth is tiny plant fossils which nick the bodies of insects and absorb the waxy moisture that their bodies are made of inevitably causing them to dehydrate. Due to the methodology of this organic insecticide pest can never become immune to its effects. Some of the garden pests DE is effective against are:

fruit fly

  • Aphids
  • Mites
  • Thrips
  • Ants
  • Slugs
  • Snails
  • Queensland Fruit Flies
  • Cucumber Beetles


The use of Diatomaceous Earth as an amendment for soil has been studied by the Southern Cross University in Australia. This testing showed that DE significantly increases the nutrient content of soil. It also reduced fertilizer leeching of the soil. This decreases the fertilizer’s impact upon the environment while improving its efficiency making it an organic and  environmentally friendly pesticide.


Regular Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth from our quality product line is an excellent amendment for garden soil. Whether it is industrial farming or small scale gardening our DE offers cultivators many advantages. It contains less than 0.1% crystalline silica and provides nutrients to the soil such as magnesium; calcium; sodium; phosphorous; potassium; and selenium. Our food grade DE contains no toxic chemicals and is never artificially heat treated. It is an organic solution to several garden dilemmas.

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