Diatomaceous Earth as a Supplement for Cattle Feed

Author: DEO  

The practice of incorporating Diatomaceous Earth into cattle feed has been studied, researched, and found to be beneficial on a number of levels. Upon the treatment of cattle with DE milk production was measurably increased and harmful parasites were decreased. This includes internal parasites such as worms as well as external parasites like Warbles. These health benefits were achieved without the expected necessity of a feed increase or the use of potentially costly and dangerous chemicals. It has also been studied and found that Diatomaceous Earth residue does not pass into the milk of dairy cattle when the proper dosage is used and is not toxic to humans.

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An initial supplemental treatment of cattle with Diatomaceous Earth and then a continued feeding at a reduced dosage has been shown to be an extremely cost effective solution while remaining an organic and natural alternative to harsher treatments which are often not approved by the Queensland Government. The treatment for DE on cattle demonstrates a positive potential for the natural control of detrimental parasites that often plague cattle and results in a significant reduction in veterinary bills. Another advantage of Diatomaceous Earth is that it is impossible for pests to build an immunity to its effects.

We offer Regular Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth, which is suitable to add to dairy cattle feed.  It is completely organic and natural being derived from fossils of single celled microscopic plants known as phytoplankton diatoms. It is never over processed with any additives or chemicals. We never treat it with artificial heat and the only processing it undergoes is crushing and milling. It is the sorted and packaged for our clientele. This ensures that is suitable for mixing with fed for dairy cattle.

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