Diatomaceous Earth: An Effective Organic Grain Storage Solution

Author: DEO  

One of the most popular small and large scale uses of Diatomaceous Earth is as an effective grain storage solution. Both privately and commercially owned grain facilities have found great success with DE as an insect deterrent. Many markets will not accept grain which has been stored using harsh chemical insecticides. It is extremely important to understand which methods are acceptable and unacceptable in any given market.

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Diatomaceous Earth which is food grade is not harmful to humans when used in grain storage. Providers must implement some sort of protective measure as insect population in grain storage is left unchecked the grain quickly becomes unsellable or even usable. Diatomaceous Earth is widely used throughout Australia as an effective solution for grain storage, especially in the dryer regions. It may be distributed as a slurry mixture or as a dry inert dust.
Our Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth is made up of contains less than 0.1% crystalline silica.

This has been certified by the Queensland Government. Our DE is derived from non-toxic amorphous silica. It contains no harmful additives and is chemical free. The only manufacturing processes that we subject our DE to is milling; crushing; sorting; and packaging. We do not artificially heat treat our Diatomaceous Earth only sun dry it. This makes it safer for grain facilities; farms; gardens; and homes. Instead of spreading toxins, DE absorbs the waxy exterior of pests and insects effectively destroying them. see this artical which demonstrates the effectiveness as compared to chemical treatment.
It is extremely important to use the food grade Diatomaceous Earth for grain storage and never the grade which is sold for swimming pool filters. While all of our DE is food grade quality, it is available in a variety of milled particle sizes to suit all grain storage as well as a wide variety of other needs. Grades available through our website are:
• No-Grit Superfine
• Regular Grade
• Poultry / Bird Feed Supplement
• Agricultural / Coarse Grade

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