The Benefits of Using Diatomaceous Earth

Improves Bone Health

The silica which DE is made of improves bone mineral density and joint formation. It is also beneficial to bone and connective tissue, preventing osteoporosis [1].


Natural Insecticide 

DE helps to control bed bugs, cockroaches, ants, fleas and parasites naturally but drying the waxy exoskeletons of the pest, dehydrating and killing them [2].


Purifies Water

Diatomaceous Earth filters microparticles in water and is commonly used in water filters and purifiers. It can remove up to 80% of heavy metals and viral strains from tap water [3]. It is often used when manufacturing alcohol, sugar, and honey, as well as for purifying fish tanks. 


Body Detox 

In the same way that DE purifies water, DE also removes heavy metals from the body and neutralises free radicals and other toxins. As well as this, DE helps to eradicate intestinal parasites and viruses, cleanses the gastrointestinal tract and reduces gas [4]. 


Strengthens Hair, Skin, Teeth, and Nails

DE can assist in the metabolism of collagen and calcium for the formation of strong hair, nails and teeth. As well as this, its natural abrasive qualities polish teeth and skin, removing harmful toxins [5].








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